Gudauri Ski Pass Prices
Gudauri Ski Rental Prices & More

Overview of the Ski Area

Gudauri ski resort is the biggest, most developed, and most accessible ski resort in Georgia. With 11 ski lifts, a full range of on- and off-piste options, and an ever-growing selection of restaurants, bars, and activities, Gudauri is diverse enough for a week-long ski trip. 

For English speakers, Gudauri is a great option thanks to recent improvements in the language skills of hotel, restaurant, and rental shop employees. Vagabond Adventures Georgia’s first ski school with all instructors trained specifically to teach ski lessons in English. 

Slow ski lifts are now a thing of the past, as much of the ski area infrastructure has been rebuilt and several new pistes and high-speed lifts are now open. Slopeside restaurants serve Georgian and European cuisine to hungry skiers and ski-in/ski-out hotels make for a comfortable ski trip to Gudauri. With consistent snowpack from January until mid-April, Gudauri is quickly developing in the direction of the larger ski resorts of the Alps, but prices still remain comparatively affordable.

The beginner areas are easily accessible from New Gudauri, so we start all lessons for first time skiers there. Our second meeting point for ski and snowboard lessons is in Gudauri Center, right behind Marco Polo Hotel. This location is unfortunately not suitable for first time skiers/snowboarders due to a steep section of the slope, so those staying in Gudauri Center will need to get a taxi to New Gudauri. By the second or third day, most skiers and snowboarders are comfortable enough to start lessons from Marco Polo. Both meeting points are next to a large map of Gudauri ski area – you can’t miss it! 

Gudauri village is divided into 4 sections: New GudauriGudauri CenterUpper Gudauri, and Lower Gudauri (also called Kumlistsikhe). New Gudauri is the hub of activity, with a number of restaurants, bars, and apartment rentals all within easy walking distance. Gudauri Center is notable due to several high quality restaurants and hotels, including Gudauri’s most highly rated Marco Polo Hotel, but is less walkable and inconveniently located for first time skiers.

Gudauri Ski Map with Vagabond Adventures Ski School & Ski lesson meeting points.

Rental Shops

Rental shops are located all over Gudauri. It is possible to rent skis, snowboards, boots, poles, helmets, goggles, jackets, and pants. Gloves often run out so it’s best to bring your own. 

In New Gudauri, we recommend Aviator Ski Rental for the best equipment and friendly English-speaking staff. Our students receive 15% off of all rentals from Aviator. 
The location is 100 m from our New Gudauri Meeting Point on the above map, just look for the red and white “Aviator Ski” sign. 

In Gudauri Center, Marco Polo ski rent has good quality equipment, but it gets extremely crowded so we recommend Mogzauri Rental Shop for faster service on busy mornings. 


Ski Passes

Ski passes can be purchased from booths at the bottom of every ski lift. For 3+ day passes, everybody must be present to have their photo taken. See prices here

The road between Tbilisi and Gudauri closes very rarely only during heavy snowfall, but the road from Gudauri to Kazbegi and further towards Russia closes often during snow storms.


Finding specific buildings is often easier using satellite view on Google Maps instead of the regular view.

Getting Around Georgia

Private transport
  • Many hotels offer airport transfers. 
  • If you would like to book your own transfer, we recommend Euro Taxi
  • If you arrive at the airport and have not booked a taxi yet, we recommend using the app Bolt to avoid being cheated by an unofficial driver without a meter. The airport has free wifi and it is possible to buy a SIM card there. 
  • It is possible to rent a car in Tbilisi but not in Gudauri.  


A Magti SIM card is very cheap (data packages start at 3 GEL/$1 USD) and will make your trip much simpler. SIM cards are sold in the airport arrivals hall. Look for the table with a red and white Magti logo. Make sure to buy one there because they are not available for sale in Gudauri.

Getting Around Gudauri

For those able to ski intermediate slopes, it is possible to get nearly everywhere in the town using the ski lifts during the day. For beginners or after closing hours, taxis are the only option. The standard price is 20-30 GEL to go anywhere in Gudauri, but taxi drivers are known to ask exorbitantly more from Marco Polo Hotel. Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price and ask your hotel staff to help with the language barrier.

New Gudauri

For the most convenient access to slopes of all levels as well as restaurants and bars, stay in an apartment in New Gudauri. There are no hotels, only privately-owned apartment rentals. Many apartments can be booked through Airbnb and Gudauri.Travel.

Gudauri Center

For an upscale, family-friendly hotel with a range of extras such as a spa, massages, children’s play room, tennis courts, and a bowling alley, stay at Marco Polo Hotel. First time skiers will need to take a taxi to New Gudauri for the first 1-3 days, but all snowboarders and skiers with some previous experience can start riding directly from the back door. 

For a family-friendly mid-range hotel with an option to include breakfast and dinner in one of Gudauri’s best restaurants, check out Soncho Hotel. It’s located on the slope right next to Marco Polo.

Recommended by Our Instructors

  • If your schedule is flexible, come on weekdays from January 10-31 or March 8-April 15. These are the least crowded times in Gudauri and it’s easier to learn to ski on empty slopes. 
  • Ski in the afternoons! Everybody wants to ski in the morning, but afternoons give you less crowded slopes and softer snow which is easier to learn on.  
  • Dress in layers. You will get hot while skiing.
  • Use the WC before your lesson. The ones on the slopes are not so pleasant. 
  • Snowboard boots are more comfortable than ski boots.