The Ultimate Guide to Gudauri Ski Resort

Gudauri, Georgia

Your Guide to Gudauri Ski Resort: Georgia's Premier Alpine Destination

Welcome to Gudauri, Georgia’s premier alpine destination! Our comprehensive guide to Gudauri Ski Resort is your gateway to an unforgettable winter adventure. Nestled in the spectacular Greater Caucasus Mountains, Gudauri offers world-class skiing, stunning vistas, and a lively apres-ski scene. On our Guide page, you’ll discover everything you need to know before booking your trip. From detailed trail maps and ski rental tips to the best dining spots and après-ski activities, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we explore Gudauri’s unique charm and help you plan an exhilarating and hassle-free winter getaway in this Georgian gem.




Introduction to Gudauri

Mountain Activities

Introduction to Gudauri Ski Resort

Welcome to Gudauri, Georgia’s premier alpine destination! Our comprehensive guide to Gudauri Ski Resort is your gateway to an unforgettable winter adventure. Nestled in the spectacular Greater Caucasus Mountains, Gudauri offers world-class skiing, stunning vistas, and a lively apres-ski scene. On our Guide page, you’ll discover everything you need to know before booking your trip. From detailed trail maps and ski rental tips to the best dining spots and après-ski activities, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we explore Gudauri’s unique charm and help you plan an exhilarating and hassle-free winter getaway in this Georgian gem.

About Gudauri

Gudauri: Georgia’s most accessible and developed ski resort. Located just 2.5 hours north of Georgia’s vibrant capital city, Tbilisi, via the iconic “Georgian Military Highway,” Gudauri offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and winter sports adventure.

About 2.5 Hour

About 4.5 Hours

About 6.5 Hours

Situated on a south-facing slope, Gudauri boasts an elevation ranging from 1,990 meters to 3,307 meters above sea level. This strategic location affords visitors breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and valleys of the Greater Caucasus mountain range. Gudauri’s entire ski resort lies above the treeline, creating a pristine alpine environment and offering extensive opportunities for ski touring and freeride adventures.

Why Choose Gudauri?

Beyond its accessibility and breathtaking panoramic views, Gudauri offers a wealth of compelling reasons to make it your top destination for winter sports.


Affordability Meets Excellence
Gudauri remains an oasis of affordability in the world of ski resorts, especially when compared to the grandeur of the Alps. You can revel in the benefits of a well-developed ski resort without straining your budget. With one-day ski passes priced at just 24 Euros, Gudauri provides exceptional value for your winter getaway.


Convenient Access
Getting to Gudauri is a breeze, with short and reasonably priced flights from major European cities. For travelers from Israel and the UAE, the journey is especially swift and convenient. Gudauri’s accessibility makes it a top choice for international visitors seeking a hassle-free ski vacation.


Skiing Paradise
Gudauri boasts 11 ski lifts, ensuring quick and easy access to the slopes. Whether you’re an experienced skier or a novice, Gudauri offers a diverse array of on- and off-piste options to cater to all skill levels. With well-maintained slopes and abundant opportunities for adventure, it’s the ideal destination for week-long ski trips filled with excitement and exploration.


Culinary Delights and Activities
Gudauri is not just about skiing; it’s a vibrant destination with a growing selection of restaurants and activities to keep you entertained when you’re not on the slopes. Explore the local cuisine or unwind at après-ski bars after a thrilling day of skiing.


New Gudauri: A Standout Accommodation
Among the accommodation options in Gudauri, New Gudauri shines brightly. It offers unparalleled convenience with easy access to the slopes, restaurants, and bars, ensuring that your stay is both comfortable and enjoyable.

Planning Your Trip

When to Visit


January – April
Gudauri’s ski season runs from January to April, offering enthusiasts an extended period of thrilling winter sports. During this time, the resort enjoys reliable snowfall, creating ideal conditions for skiing and snowboarding. 


March is a prime month for snow enthusiasts in Gudauri. With the winter season in full swing, this month provides some of the best snow conditions. Skiers and snowboarders can expect well-packed powder and excellent coverage on the slopes.


January 10-31 or March 8-April 15
If you prefer to hit the slopes without large crowds and long lines, consider visiting Gudauri during the quieter periods. From January 10th to the end of January or from March 8th to April 15th, the resort experiences fewer visitors. This means more space on the slopes, shorter lift queues, and a peaceful skiing experience that allows you to savor the stunning surroundings of Gudauri.


Feb 4-24, March 26-31
Gudauri’s high season is marked by the peak of winter activity and excitement. From February 4th to the 24th and again from March 26th to the end of March, the resort is buzzing with energy. During these periods, the slopes are at their busiest, attracting a diverse crowd of skiers and snowboarders from arount the world. The lively atmosphere is perfect for those seeking a vibrant apres-ski scene and a dynamic winter adventure.

Accommodation Options


For the most convenient access to slopes of all levels as well as restaurants and bars, stay in an apartment in New Gudauri. There are no hotels, only privately-owned apartment rentals. Many apartments can be booked through Airbnb and Gudauri.Travel.



For an upscale, family-friendly hotel with a range of extras such as a spa, massages, children’s play room, tennis courts, and a bowling alley, stay at Marco Polo Hotel. First time skiers will need to take a taxi to New Gudauri for the first 1-3 days, but all snowboarders and skiers with some previous experience can start riding directly from the back door. 

Travel Tips

Local SIM Card
When you arrive in Gudauri, having a local SIM card can greatly simplify your trip. We recommend getting a Magti SIM card, known for its affordability and convenience. A Sim Card + 2 week Tourist package starts at around 30 GEL (approximately $11 USD), making it an economical choice for staying connected during your visit. You can purchase Magti SIM cards at the airport arrivals hall, specifically at a table displaying a red and white Magti logo. It’s essential to buy one at the airport because they are not available for sale in Gudauri. Stay connected effortlessly and make the most of your Gudauri adventure with a local SIM card.

Travel Insurance
Traveling is all about experiencing new adventures, but it’s crucial to stay prepared. We strongly recommend having comprehensive travel insurance for your Gudauri trip. Travel insurance offers you peace of mind, covering unforeseen events such as medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost baggage, and more. It’s your safety net in case of the unexpected. So, before you embark on your journey to Gudauri, ensure you have the right travel insurance in place. Travel worry-free, knowing you’re protected every step of the way.

Holiday Packages 
Ready to experience Gudauri to the fullest without the hassle of planning every detail? Look no further than our exclusive holiday packages. We’re here to take care of all the arrangements, leaving you free to savor every moment of your trip. Our carefully curated packages encompass accommodation, ski passes, transportation, and more. Whether you’re a skiing enthusiast, a nature lover, or a relaxation seeker, our holiday packages cater to all your desires. Let us handle the logistics while you immerse yourself in the beauty and adventure of Gudauri. Make your trip unforgettable with our all-inclusive holiday packages.


Ski Lifts And Trails

Ski Lifts
Gudauri ski resort has a variety of lift types to cater to different needs. Here’s a breakdown of the types of lifts at Gudauri along with their respective passenger capacities:

Gondola Ten Seaters (4)
GOOD AURA: Closed cabin, high speed
KOBI PASS: Closed cabin, high speed
KOBI-1: Closed cabin, high speed
KOBI-2: Closed cabin, high speed

Six Seat Chairlift (4)
PIRVELI: Open type, high speed
SOLIKO: Closed type, high speed
SHINO: Open type, high speed
KUDEBI: Closed type, high speed

Four Seat Chairlift
SADZELE: Open type

Three Seat Chairlifts (2)
SNOW PARK: Open type 
OLD KUDEBI: Open type

T-Bar Lifts (4)

Magic Carpet:

Ski Trails and Terrain
Gudauri Ski Resort offers a diverse range of ski trails and terrain, making it an ideal destination for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking for gentle slopes or an expert seeking a thrilling ride, Gudauri has something for everyone.

Total Groomed Trails: More than 80 km of meticulously groomed trails wind through the picturesque landscape of the Greater Caucasus Mountains.
Artificial Snow-Making: Gudauri features 29 snow cannons, ensuring excellent snow conditions even during milder weather. Approximately 15% of the slopes have snow-making capabilities.

Green Runs:
Snow Park – 852m
Pirveli – 1382m
Zuma 1 – 443m
Zuma 2 – 402m
Bombora – 300m

Blue Runs:
Tatra – 1395m
Tatra 2 – 2250m
Soliko 1 – 3065m
Soliko 2 – 1180m
Sportuli 1 – 1940m
Sportuli 2 – 1665m
Gudaura 1 – 2626m
Gudarua 2 – 2047m
Kudebi 1 – 1751m
Kobi – 2300m

Red Runs:
Kudebi 2 – 1207m
Kudebi 3 – 1203m
Sadzele 3 – 2495m

Black Runs:
Sadzele 1 – 2350m
Sadzele 2 – 1308m

Freeride Areas:
Mt. Chirdili
Mt. Kudebi
Mt. Sadzele
Mt. Bidara

Terrain Park:
White Rabbit Snow Park

Ski School And Lessons

Vagabond Adventures Ski School
When it comes to mastering the slopes in Georgia’s premier ski destination, look no further than Vagabond Adventures Ski School. Our ski school stands out as a leading institution for skiers and snowboarders seeking expert guidance. Our instructors are exceptionally trained to deliver lessons in English, guaranteeing an outstanding learning experience with a strong focus on your skills and comfort.

Ski and Snowboard Lessons
At Vagabond Adventures Ski School, we take pride in our commitment to helping every skier reach their full potential. Our range of ski lessons caters to various skill levels and interests, ensuring that your skiing adventure in Gudauri is both enjoyable and educational.

Beginner/Intermediate Lessons: Our combined beginner and intermediate lessons cater to those who are new to skiing or snowboarding or looking to enhance their skills. These lessons cover a wide range of topics, from the fundamentals of balance and control to refining your technique. Whether you’re just starting or striving to progress, our expert instructors have you covered.
Advanced Lessons: For seasoned skiers and snowboarders seeking to master advanced techniques and conquer challenging terrain, our advanced lessons offer a deep dive into precision skiing and snowboarding. Our expert instructors will help you tackle even the most demanding runs.
Freeriding: Adventure-seekers will love our freeriding lessons. Explore off-piste terrain, navigate through powder, and experience the thrill of skiing or snowboarding in uncharted territory while our instructors guide you safely.
Ski Touring & Splitboarding: If you’re eager to explore the pristine backcountry and enjoy the solitude of untouched slopes, our ski and snowboard touring and splitboarding lessons are your gateway to the wild. Discover the beauty of the Gudauri mountains beyond the resort.

Lift Tickets and Rentals

Ski Passes:
– Ski  passes can be purchased at the bottom of every ski lift.
– For 3+ day passes, everyone must be present to have their photo taken.
– Prices can be checked here.

Rental Shops:
– Rental shops are conveniently located all over Gudauri.
– You can rent skis, snowboards, boots, poles, helmets, goggles, jackets, and pants.
– Note that gloves often run out, so it’s advisable to bring your own.

Recommended Rental Shops:
– In New Gudauri, we recommend Aviator Ski Rental for top-quality equipment and friendly English-speaking staff. Students receive a 15% discount on rentals from Aviator. The shop is located just 100 meters from the New Gudauri Meeting Point.
– In Gudauri Center, Marco Polo Ski Rent offers good quality equipment. However, it can get crowded, so for faster service during busy mornings, consider Mogzauri Rental Shop.

Mountain Activities


For those looking to take a break from the slopes and experience the natural beauty of the Greater Caucasus Mountains in winter, snowshoeing in Gudauri offers a perfect escape. This serene and picturesque activity allows you to explore the stunning winter landscapes at your own pace. Gudauri provides a range of snowshoeing options to cater to various preferences and fitness levels.

Family Friendly Day Hikes:
Gudauri region offers easy snowshoe day hikes, suitable for all ages. Explore winter wonderlands, enjoy scenic views, and discover historical ruins amid the tranquil snowy landscapes.
Intermediate Day Hike to the Monastery:
An intermediate-level snowshoe hike leads to a mountain-top monastery, offering Georgian culture, spirituality, and snowy serenity.
Multi-Day Hike to Kazbegi:
For the adventurous, a multi-day snowshoe journey from Gudauri to Kazbegi unveils the untouched beauty of the Caucasus Mountains. Stay in remote cabins, wake up to breathtaking vistas, and explore pristine winter landscapes.

Ski Touring

Ski touring enthusiasts will find Gudauri to be a true winter paradise with endless backcountry terrain waiting to be explored. This region offers an array of options for those seeking the thrill of venturing off-piste into the pristine backcountry .

Discover our Backcountry Ski Tours in Gudauri for guided adventures, and our Intro to Ski Touring course to start your journey into this thrilling winter sport.


Dining & Restaurants

Upper Gudauri
Dariali: Located near the “Edelweiss” and “Retro” hotels, Dariali is an inviting spot to enjoy a meal with a view. Indulge in Georgian cuisine as you soak in the serene mountain ambiance.

New Gudauri
Mta Vartsla: For a taste of local and international flavors, Mta Vartsla in New Gudauri is a popular choice among skiers and travelers. Experience a blend of dishes that cater to diverse preferences.
Drunk Cherry: A name that captures the essence of relaxation, Drunk Cherry offers a welcoming atmosphere and delectable cuisine. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty meal or a delightful dessert, this is the place to be.
Gamarjoba: Immerse yourself in Georgian culture through your taste buds at Gamarjoba. This restaurant serves up authentic Georgian dishes, allowing you to savor local flavors.

Gudauri Center
Gagieti: Gagieti is a notable restaurant in Gudauri Center, where you can savor a range of dishes, from local specialties to international cuisine.
Truso: Explore the flavors of the region at Truso, offering a delightful journey through Georgian culinary traditions.

Lower Gudauri (Kumlistsikhe)
Khreki: For those venturing to Lower Gudauri, Khreki offers a dining experience that complements your mountain adventures. Enjoy hearty meals in a cozy setting.

Relaxation and SpaS

Marco Polo Hotel
Swimming Pool:
Enjoy a modern indoor swimming pool with panoramic windows offering views of the snowy mountain slopes. Relax by the pool, read a book, and savor healthy drinks from the juice bar.
Sauna: Experience traditional Finnish saunas that help increase metabolism and soothe the nervous system.
Jacuzzi: Rejuvenate your body in the jacuzzi, offering temperature and comfort for complete relaxation.
Massage: Pamper yourself with massages using products from the renowned brand GERMAINE DE CAPUCCINI.

Tsar Bani
Bathhouse Complex:
Tsar Bani offers three log houses that can accommodate up to 6 people each. The bathhouses are heated with beech wood, and aromatherapy is provided as a compliment. Linen, towels, slippers, and felt hats are provided for guests.

Carpe Diem
Swimming Pool: Carpe Diem’s spa center features an indoor swimming pool, sauna, solarium, massage facilities, and a relaxation area.
Sauna: Relax and unwind in a recently refurbished sauna.
Solarium: Enjoy high-quality tanning facilities with recommended times for different skin tones.
Massage: Choose from a variety of massage procedures tailored to your needs.

Gudauri Loft
Spa: Located on the 7th floor with panoramic views of the ski slope, Gudauri Loft’s spa includes a smoothie bar, lounging area, pool, hot tub, sauna, and steam room. They offer massages such as Classic Massage, Relax Massage, Medical Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Anti-Cellulite Massage, Anti-Stress Massage, and Thai Massage.
Smoothie Bar: Revitalize your body with nutrient-dense and delicious smoothies.
Swimming Pool: Loosen up your muscles in the swimming pool after a day of skiing.
Hot Tub: Relax in the hot tub with views of the winding slopes.
Steam Room: Unwind and experience general relaxation in the steam sauna with increased humidity.
Sauna: Enjoy aromatherapy in the Finnish sauna, which helps cleanse the body of toxins and promotes relaxation and stress relief.

Getting Around

Transportation within Gudauri

For those comfortable with skiing intermediate slopes, it’s possible to navigate around the town using the ski lifts during the day. This provides an exciting way to explore different parts of Gudauri. However, for beginners or transportation after closing hours, taxis are the primary mode of getting around.

Taxis within the resort typically cost between 10-20 GEL (approximately 3-7 USD) per ride, making it a convenient and affordable option for travelers. It’s recommended to negotiate prices with taxi drivers, and if you’re staying at a hotel, they can often assist with language barriers and transportation arrangements.

Please note that while the road between Tbilisi and Gudauri rarely closes, the road from Gudauri to Kazbegi and further towards Russia may close during snowstorms. Be prepared for possible road closures during your visit.

Nearby Attractions

Gudauri, the premier ski resort in the heart of Georgia’s Greater Caucasus Mountains, not only offers thrilling slopes and an unforgettable winter experience but also serves as a gateway to a treasure trove of nearby attractions that showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage and breathtaking natural beauty.

On your way to Gudauri, as you wind through the picturesque landscapes, you’ll encounter some remarkable sites:

Mtskheta: As one of Georgia’s oldest and holiest cities, Mtskheta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s famous for the stunning Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, a masterpiece of Georgian architecture, and the historic Jvari Monastery. These sites provide a glimpse into the country’s deep-rooted Christian traditions.
Ananuri Castle and Reservoir: Situated alongside the Aragvi River, the Ananuri Castle complex is an architectural gem. Its well-preserved churches, fortifications, and towers harken back to Georgia’s medieval past. The nearby Jinvali Reservoir offers serene waters for picnicking, boating, and fishing.
Pasanauri: Known for its delectable khinkali, Georgian dumplings, Pasanauri is an ideal stop for those looking to savor authentic local cuisine. Enjoy these dumplings in various flavors at charming local eateries.
Lomisa Monastery: Nestled amid the rugged landscapes, the Lomisa Monastery exudes an aura of serenity and spiritual significance. This secluded sanctuary provides a peaceful escape for those seeking a deeper connection with Georgia’s spiritual traditions.
Georgia Russian Friendship Monument: A symbol of Soviet-era diplomacy, this intriguing monument stands as a testament to the complex history shared between Georgia and Russia. The panoramic views from this vantage point are awe-inspiring.
Truso Valley: For the intrepid traveler, the remote Truso Valley is a hidden gem. Here, you’ll discover colorful mineral springs, pristine landscapes, and remote villages, offering a taste of untouched Georgia.
Stepantsminda/Kazbegi: This charming town, set against the backdrop of the iconic Mount Kazbek, serves as the gateway to Kazbegi National Park. It’s a hub for outdoor adventures, including trekking, horseback riding, and paragliding. The town’s picturesque beauty and traditional Georgian architecture add to its allure.

Safety and Health

Safety Tips on the Slopes

Skiing Safety:
– Choose slopes that match your skill level to reduce the risk of accidents.
– Follow posted rules and trail closures; they are there for your safety.
– Wear safety gear, including helmets and goggles, to protect yourself.
– Dress in layers for temperature regulation, as you’ll warm up while skiing.
– Use restroom facilities before your lesson, as on-slope facilities may not be ideal.

Mountain Safety:

– Gudauri doesn’t have an avalanche service, so off-piste skiing or snowboarding comes with inherent risks.
– Check avalanche for Gudauri here.
– In emergencies, dial 112 or use the following helicopter rescue numbers: +995 32 2243 503, +995 595 350 900, +995 595 404 606.

Note: While Gudauri offers fantastic skiing, please stay cautious, especially when skiing off-piste, as the resort lacks avalanche services. Prioritize safety for a memorable and injury-free experience.

Medical Facilities

While Gudauri offers an exhilarating skiing experience, it’s essential to be prepared for potential medical situations during your visit. In Gudauri, medical facilities are available next to the police station in Lower Gudauri view here on google maps. However, it’s important to note that these facilities are not equipped to handle serious injuries, and their X-ray machine has a lower resolution.

In case of minor medical concerns or if you need to get checked out, you can visit these local medical facilities. They can provide initial care and assistance for common ski-related injuries. However, for more severe or complex medical needs, it’s advisable to seek treatment in Tbilisi, the nearest major city with comprehensive healthcare services.

Gudauri also has several pharmacies to cater to your medical and pharmaceutical needs. One of these pharmacies is conveniently located next to the SPAR grocery store in New Gudauri.

Your safety is paramount, so ensure you follow safety guidelines while on the slopes. Additionally, consider travel insurance that covers medical emergencies when visiting Gudauri. Being prepared and informed can make your skiing adventure in Gudauri both thrilling and safe.


Recommended by Our Instructors

– If your schedule is flexible, come on weekdays from January 10-31 or March 8-April 15. These are the least crowded times in Gudauri and it’s easier to learn to ski on empty slopes. 

– Ski in the afternoons! Everybody wants to ski in the morning, but afternoons give you less crowded slopes and softer snow which is easier to learn on.  

– Dress in layers. You will get hot while skiing.

– Use the WC before your lesson. The ones on the slopes are not so pleasant. 

– Snowboard boots are more comfortable than ski boots.