How many ski or snowboard lessons do I need?

We highly recommend booking at least 4 lessons for everybody of any ability. This gives you enough time with the instructor to really focus on specific aspects of technique and improve your all-around skiing/snowboarding to build confidence in new terrain and have more fun on the mountain. Even highly advanced skiers and riders notice huge changes after 4 lessons with a professional instructor. Skiing and snowboarding are sports which you can never stop improving at, and the better you get, the more fun you have!

1 Lesson
🟢 Beginners give skiing or snowboarding a try without further commitment
🟦 Intermediate/Advanced identify and improve one specific aspect of your technique

4 Lessons
🟢 Beginners learn to comfortably stop and link their turns on mellow slopes
🟦 Intermediates correct body position and gain confidence on steeper slopes
♦️ Advanced skiers/riders correct body position off-piste and improve ease and flow in all snow conditions

8 lessons
🟢 First-timers can learn to ski parallel/link turns on intermediate slopes
🟦 Intermediate skiers/riders learn carving, line choice, comfort on all levels of slopes and gentle off-piste terrain
♦️ Advanced skiers/riders take total control of the mountain, skiing/riding comfortably and confidently on all types of terrain

How many ski or snowboard instructors do I need?

Recommendations from our professional instructors to get the most out of your Georgia ski trip:


  • 1 on 1 lessons are necessary for beginners 5-7 years old in order to give them the attention they need to be safe and have fun in the snow.
  • If kids are under 8 but can already ski on their own, then up to 2 kids per instructor. 
  • Up to 2 students per instructor for beginners age 8 and over. 
  • We recommend booking separate instructors for kids and adults as they progress at different rates.
  • Group lessons only work well when everybody is at the same level – book separate instructors for anybody in your group with different levels of experience.
  • Skiers and snowboarders require separate instructors.
Why do you only offer 2.5 hour ski and snowboard lessons?

Our experience has shown that 2.5 hours is the optimal amount of time to make lots of progress and have a great time skiing or snowboarding before needing a break. If you want a more relaxed ski holiday in Georgia, book just one 2.5 hour lesson per day and take the other half day off to explore the slopes on your own or enjoy a mulled wine at one of Gudauri’s modern slopeside cafes. 

How far in advance do I need to book?

As soon as possible! We highly recommend booking your ski or snowboard instructor as soon as you confirm the dates of your ski trip to Georgia. We are often fully booked over a month in advance for the February midterm holidays.

I want morning lessons but they are sold out. What can I do?

There are a lot of benefits to snowboarding or skiing in Gudauri in the afternoon! The slopes are less crowded, the sun has warmed the snow to make it softer and easier to ski/snowboard on, everybody enjoys skiing more at the warmest time of day when your fingers don’t freeze, and we tend to have more availability for lessons in afternoons.

Why is 5 your minimum age?

We only work with kids and adults ages 5 and up in order to ensure a high safety standard and provide the best possible experience for everyone. Gudauri’s infrastructure is unfortunately not very suitable for younger kids as the beginner’s rope tow requires a level of muscle and coordination that kids typically develop around age 5. We hope that a more child-friendly beginner area will be built in the future, but until then, we make the best of the situation by offering Georgia’s highest-quality private and group ski lessons to everyone from ages 5 to 80+.

What can I do with my 3 or 4 year old?

There are a few childcare options in Gudauri. Private babysitters are available – contact us for details. Happy Parents daycare service is open every day for the full ski season. Marco Polo Hotel also has its own daycare room for guests. Additionally, most rental shops offer sled rentals and there is a small sledding area on the mountain next to Snow Park lift. 

What is the cancellation policy?
Should I tip my instructor?

Tips are very much appreciated if you enjoyed your experience! A customary tip is 10-15%, paid in cash at the end of the lessons. 

Planning Your Trip
What should I bring with me?

The most important thing to bring is a smile! In order to keep that smile on your face for the whole trip, you’ll also want to have the following:


  • Warm socks that go at least halfway up your shin
  • Comfortable gloves or mittens
  • A thin thermal base layer top and bottom
  • A fleece, pile, or other synthetic midlayer jacket
  • Windproof outer pants and jacket (this can be rented in Gudauri if you don’t have your own)
  • Sunscreen
  • A thin hat or headband to go under your helmet
  • Ski goggles (these can be rented in Gudauri if you don’t have your own)
  • Water bottle 
What accommodation do you recommend in Gudauri?

For the simplest, hassle-free experience, book one of our ski holiday packages including accommodation, transportation, ski passes, rental equipment, and a ski instructor. We select the best upscale accommodation for your group, located right on the slopes.


If you prefer to plan your own trip, we recommend that any groups with beginner skiers or snowboarders book an apartment in New Gudauri in order to have easy access to the beginner slopes.

Those with previous experience who are able to comfortably ski a green slope can choose from an apartment in New Gudauri – the center of action in the town, or a room in Marco Polo Hotel – upscale slopeside accommodation with full services.


For Spring skiing in late March and April, we recommend staying in New Gudauri as it is easier to access high-elevation slopes where snow quality is best at that time of year. The slope down to Marco Polo tends to melt around late March-early April. 

What is the best time of year to come on a ski trip to Georgia?

If your trip dates are flexible, we recommend visiting between January 10-31 or March 10-April 15. These are the least crowded times on the slopes and quality snow is practically a guarantee. Spring skiing is our favorite due to longer, warmer days, empty slopes, and deep snowpack.

How is the snow condition in Gudauri in the month of _______?

Of course, the weather is variable from year to year, but here is a rough guide.

The slopes are covered and the ski resort opens around December 25th. We are currently taking bookings from December 26th. At this time of year, the slopes tend to be well groomed but the off-piste snow cover is still thin. Morning temperatures can be very cold. If snow comes early, the ski lifts might open earlier and we will take bookings as soon as an opening date is announced.

Slopes remain well groomed throughout the month. Snowpack gradually gets deeper. After all New Years holidays are finished (January 10th), the slopes are rarely crowded. Morning temperatures can be very cold.

The temperature slowly begins to warm, especially in afternoons, although there can still be a week of unseasonably cold weather in February. Snow cover is deeper across the whole mountain and off-piste skiing is now accessible nearly everywhere.

Spring is the wettest time of year in Gudauri and the majority of the season’s snowfall occurs in March. The slopes remain soft and easy to learn on while the snowpack reaches its peak. Overnight snowfalls are common with deep powder in the mornings turning into spring snow conditions in the afternoons. Temperatures are comfortable all day.

Absolutely our favorite month for skiing in Georgia! April skiing is a secret among Gudauri locals that nobody else seems to know about. Crowds dwindle and lift lines are nonexistent, the snowpack is deep, and it’s often comfortable to ski in a t-shirt in afternoons. Lower-elevation slopes may begin melting by April, but the upper half of the mountain is in its best condition of the season.

When does the ski season in Gudauri start and end?

Gudauri’s opening and closing dates are determined by the weather so they cannot be announced far in advance. Typically, Gudauri ski resort is open from around December 25 – April 15, but minor variations are possible depending on the season’s weather. Follow our Facebook page for updates.

In Gudauri
What rental shop do you recommend in Gudauri?

We partner with Aviator Ski Rental in New Gudauri. Our customers receive a 15% discount from all rentals at Aviator. A discount coupon will be emailed to you before your trip. The location is 100 m from the gondola station in New Gudauri; just look for the red and white “Aviator Ski” sign.
Pro tip: Use satellite view on Google maps to see much more detail in Gudauri.

Can I rent ski clothes in Gudauri?

Ski jackets, pants, gloves, and goggles are available for rent, although we recommend bringing your own whenever possible – especially comfortable gloves. 

Can I buy ski clothes in Gudauri?

The selection is small, so it’s better to bring everything you need from home. If you live in Europe or the Middle East, go to the shop Decathlon for the best prices on quality outdoor clothes.
We recommend skiing or snowboarding in a thermal base layer, a fleece or pile jacket as a midlayer, and a windproof outer layer. Don’t forget warm socks and gloves/mittens! 

Where do I buy a ski pass?

Ski pass booths are located next to every ski lift. For multi day passes, everyone in the group must be present to have their photo taken. 

Single day ski passes can also be purchased from the reception in Marco Polo Hotel. 

Where can I get a Covid test in Gudauri?

Send a message to Synevo Labs on Facebook, and they can bring a test at your hotel/apartment.

Where can I check the current conditions in Gudauri?